French keyboard in Canada

I am kind of interested to get a Framework laptop. The problem that I have is that there is a French Canadian keyboard available in the marketplace, but the only keyboard available in Canada is English US…

Why is English US the only available option? I do not like ANSI keyboards because they have less key than ISO (and I want to have that specific key). Obviously, I would prefer to have a French Canadian keyboard as it exist, but I would not even care to get any ISO model (my mechanical keyboard is a UK layout because it’an an ISO keyboard).

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

As this is primarily a user forum you may like to contact for a more speedy and relevant answer

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It’s a completely relevant question. The man would like to know if there’s an option for the French keyboard to be shipped to Canada considering Canada is a bilingual country it’s completely legit request. Just cuz this is a user forum doesn’t mean the user can’t ask intelligent questions.

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Who said it was an irrelevant question, I think it’s a decent question and think official support may help as I can’t, and it’s not a user issue in terms of support.

Did someone say it was an unintelligent question, I didn’t see that

From the reddit thread on about this question:

User tlozach wrote, “I use the CMS (canadian multilingual) layout on the Framework US keyboard. Works fine, i just miss the «ù» (alt+ [) key. But i can access in one stroke to all of the accentuated letters i need: é, è, ç, à.”

While it doesn’t directly solve your request, nor does it address a specific french/english canada keyboard from framework this is how other uses have gotten around the issue. I hope it is helpful.

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That’s strange! Probably reach out to support about that.

I’m guessing it’s just easier to only ship the ‘English US’ version and not financially viable to print a specific French Canadian skew.

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Ultionis, I am totally aware of the difference between a ANSI and ISO keyboard, I’ve use canadian mutilingual layout for probably over 25 years and I’ve always used it on an ISO keyboard. I do want to have my ù key and my larger enter key. I do not see why I should settle to use a keyboard that is missing a key if this keyboard layout exist for the product I want. I would even prefer an ISO UK model (that you select in France for example).

Cheese, as I said, the French Canadian keyboard is available on the store, so they do print it. Framework | Framework Input Cover Keyboard Kit

Thanks for the reply I will check to contact support.

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Yeah I checked yesterday and saw that too! Really weird why they don’t just add the option.

don’t tell people to e-mail that address, that is not the same company.

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Thanks for pointing out the error I’ve edited my previous post :blush:

My guess would be that it’s a separate inventory run for just the Canadian Multilingual standard keyboard that doesn’t make economic sense for a company of Framework’s smaller size. They’d likely have to be expecting to less hundreds or thousands of units for it to make sense.

I was also looking at ordering a DIY Edition of the laptop, and, as the original poster, I was wondering why the options for different keyboard layouts was not on the page for ordering the laptop.

The only way to get different keyboard layout is to buy the complete laptop, with US layout, buy an extra keyboard for the layout you want, and either pray will take back the US layout keyboard, or watch it gather dust on a shelf somewhere…

Keyboard is not my only restrain for the laptop, as I’m part of those who’d like to see an AMD version, or one with an integrated GPU… but this last part is irrelevant to the conversation…

Whether I have chose a prebuilt model or DIY I get an option for the keyboard, maybe that is because I’m not in the US ?

Correct. The only option on the US site is US English. The same is true for Canada. You should be able to preview them both here:

Canada: Framework | Configure Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (12th Gen Intel®
US: Framework | Configure Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition (12th Gen Intel®

Yes that’s a bit of a bummer and had noted that somewhere before. Given the amount of French speakers in Canada and Spanish in the US it’s a little surprising. No doubt changes will come.

But then the UK, France and Germany do have fairly large populations and a foot in the EU is quite important.

And I imagine many Spanish people in the US are fluent with English, but I’m not so sure the French speakers in Canada are that keen on using English :slight_smile:

From what I understand it’s a matter of warehouse; the French Canadian keyboard is located in a different warehouse than the rest of the laptop, so it has to be bought separately. At least that’s what shows up when I try to buy the laptop and the keyboard from Marketplace in one order, so I imagine that’s also why it’s not a configuration option to begin with. As to why the keyboard is not located in the same warehouse at the moment, the answer is probably more complicated than just moving stock from one place to another.

Let’s hope Framework is working on it, it makes no sense to have the product available but not an option when buying the laptop - especially when it’s standard in Europe like shown in @amoun screenshot. It sure has me pausing my order.

Yes my UK want came with a German Keyboard which meant the whole laptop had to be returned to Taiwan, but luckily before that happened a warehouse/market option for the EU opened in Germany, so I was just sent the keyboard back after receiving a UK on.

I Imagine most stock is transported from Taiwan to the US with English keyboards.

Taiwan make up orders and send to the US only English keyboards and the EU and the UK get language options.

But yes French and English for Canada and Spanish for the US would no doubt be much appreciated and I’m sure that’s in the plans

With the new keyboard configurations now available at order, I’m wondering if the French keyboard is the AZERTY one or the French Canadian one. If it’s the former; can we have a French Canadian keyboard option in Canada already?