Fujifilm 150-200MB RAF files editing (photo editing)

Can someone confirm Framework laptop strong enough to work with 200MB RAW files? Fuji GFX 100S camera produces 150-200 MB RAW images (Fuji RAF) what not every laptop can handle. Is any photographer here who has some experince?
Would be great to know before purchase.

I have not done much photo editing but based on my experience with video editing you need an i7 and I recommend at least 32 GB of RAM

Assuming that you aren’t expecting GPU acceleration tasks then the laptop is up the the task.

Thank you so much for your suggestions.
Is it possible to give it a try? I really don’t want to bother you, all I ask is just a few minutes from your time… I use Rawtheraphee for photo editing and here you can find some sample images:

This is a relativelly “small” image and I’d like to know Framework laptop can handle it or not.

If you have some free time, may I ask you to try it out?

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I’m not a photo editor, do you have a guide on what functions in particular you use?

Oh, thank you so much! If you can open the file, the raw image, or this one, that is enough for me. My computer not able to do that… I think if we can open it, we can edit it.
In Rawtheraphee there are some sliders on the right hand side, under the Exposure tab, like Exposure compensation, Lightness, Contrast and so on… If you can move that sliders and the changes on the screen not super slow, I would be happy to buy a Framework laptop.
Thank you so much for your help!

I had no issues opening smaller files, for larger files I encountered a bug where the image would appear black. It appears to be an issue with the settings of the program itself, which I do not have time to troubleshoot: Been plagued with this blacking out. Am I unusual? - #22 by pehar - darktable - discuss.pixls.us

I use my framework for my photography class, and while my camera is rather outdated and my .NEF files (Nikon RAW) are only ~7 MB, Lightroom and Photoshop have no issues whatsoever.

Having just tried out one of your sample images in Lightroom, I have perfectly smooth editing and development, even with the 125MB RAW file.

I’m not going to test Rawtheraphee, but since Lightroom works really well, the photo size won’t be the problem. You still might end up with compatibility issues, like what @Ultionis ran into above, but it isn’t the photo size at that point, it’s the program.

And for context I have an 1135G7 with 16GB of ram, so you don’t need anything particularly powerful for photo development like this.

Thank you for your help guys! Now everything is clear for me.
Thank you Ultionis, thank you Luke!

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