FW16 Batch 8 Guild

Are you asking if we can upgrade to a different motherboard (with CPU) on the 16"? Yes.

Can we ‘today’? Probably not - the marketplace isn’t stocked because they’re still working their way through the backlog of sending pre-order machines to people.

But in theory I could “upgrade” from the 7840 to the 7940 once the Marketplace is stocked. It would be a waste of money, but I “could” do it.

For the longer term - no upgrades have been announced but as I said, I trust they’ll come. When Framework first sold the 13" Intel 11’s, they didn’t announce Intel 12s and 13s. Those upgrades were negotiated later.

Wasn’t so much that I didn’t check my email they didn’t send the notification for the pre-orders. And I even signed up on three different emails…

Yo, excited to be part of the FW16 experience. I’m planning on using Manjaro if I can get excellent battery performance easily enough. I’m thinking hibernate may be the way to go rather than praying for decent sleep support. 2230 for OS and 2280 for HOME.

I got the 7700S but am still expecting an Occulink 8i expansion card for docking and full blown desktop graphics. Just need a decent and short enough cable for PCIE4 to work.

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