FW16 freeze + reboot on Ubuntu 24.04 and latest kernel

Since I updated to kernel 6.8.0-36-generic last week, my FW 16, after resuming from sleep, will freeze after a couple of minutes and reboot by itself.

It does not happen on kernel 6.8.0-31-generic.

Anybody observing the same problem?

Just right before it reboots I get this on dmesg and kernel logs:

==> kern.log <==
2024-06-30T16:27:40.003817+01:00 steiner-fw16 kernel: nvme nvme0: controller is down; will reset: CSTS=0xffffffff, PCI_STATUS=0xffff
2024-06-30T16:27:40.003849+01:00 steiner-fw16 kernel: nvme nvme0: Does your device have a faulty power saving mode enabled?
2024-06-30T16:27:40.003850+01:00 steiner-fw16 kernel: nvme nvme0: Try "nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=0 pcie_aspm=off" and report a bug

Try FW support and reporting upstream, definitely a power-saving bug in the NVME controller or a bug in the kernel.

Oh, btw what NVME drive do you use? Might have something to do on the controller present on it.

Thank you, I’ve reported it to ubuntu’s bugtracker here:

I have in fact 2 drives:

  • WD SN850X - this holds Ubuntu
  • Corsair MP600

Controllers are very different between these two SSDs:

  • WD in-house 20-82-20035-B1 for the SN850X 1b
  • Phison PS5018-E18 for the MP600 Pro 1tb

So it’s not related to the controller of the drives, maybe more to your motherboard or hardware drivers.

Well, as I mentioned above this happened with the jump to kernel 6.8.0-35 (not actually 36, after I investigated further for the launchpad report) from 6.8.0-31. Right now I’ve apt-held that one kernel and I’m booting from it or I just can’t get any work done.

The changelog is rather large, looks like a few upstream 6.8 point releases were synced into the ubuntu kernel. Nothing obvious (to me) stands out as a potential culprit:


A few nvme specific mentions. A more trained eye might see something obvious I’ve surely missed