FW16 Front Slots (3/6) not powerful enough for external DVD/BD Drive

Hi there,
I’m sure, I’m not the only one who still knows about spinning disc memory devices :smiley: Also this might be a very rare issue.

I’ve got a Pioneer BDR-XD07U USB Blu-ray Drive, which is rated at 5V DC and 1A. Whenever a disc starts to spin up the drive resets and begins detecting the disc anew. I tried an USB A on the left side and an USB C on the right side, slots 3 and 6.

In slots 4 and 5 of my FW16 are also one USB C and one USB A, here the drive works as intended. Since I put the DP and HDMI modules in slots 1 and 2, I didn’t test these, but as all four of them are capable of charging the laptop, I think these are also the ones giving out enough power for power hungry devices, such as external disc drives.

This is meant as a FYI post, not a complaint or feature request.