FW16 Mass Production to Begin Dec 8th?

I had to read it a couple times in disbelief, but did FrameWork actually state in their 2nd FW16 update sent out yesterday, that mass production is set to begin December 8th? With only a week to go, that’s great news if nothing slips further.

Whoa. Can’t believe I missed that. I was pretty much only looking for dates when reading through that latest email.

However, I think you need to read the rest of the words in that sentence. That could just mean that’s the target date for the firmware release. Not 100% clear though, and either way, it’s just a target. The next item still says trending late, so there’s some rain on the parade already.

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It would match with the first part of the eMail, where they write about the motherboard production that has started this week. Don’t know anything about the procedure, but I suppose they keep them until they have the final firmware version?

This is what I thought at first as well, but I believe what they may have actually been trying to say is 12/8 is the target date to deliver the firmware release to be used for mass-production units.


From the way it’s written, I also understood it this way. They want the firmware, that hey install on all devices, they’ll ship to be done by 12/8. So it only tells us, that mass production (of the assembled product) won’t start before 12/8. Looks like it won’t be here for Christmas.

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Not sure this helps, but when I read the email I assumed the entire paragraph was about the firmware, hence also the date.

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I am almost certain that the 8 December date is just an internal target that is intended to time box the firmware QA/QC process. There are still a variety of other things that have to happen (which are documented in the update as well) before the finished product starts rolling off of the assembly line.

I would expect some form of a progress update around 8 December but that is about it.

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And I agree the timing of the firmware tells us that we will not see the laptop this year - although I do believe Framework is going to work on it against the clock all December.