FW16 Non-functional Keyboard in Center Position

Any idea why the keyboard would not work in the center position?

Side positions: everything works
Center position: everything but keyboard works

See photos - all pin alignment looks ok to me but I’m not an expert. Nothing seems bent or out of place.

Sounds like your center connector isn’t making a good connection. Were I in your position, I’d compare the physical connector to the ones on the sides, and check the wiring going to it. If I couldn’t find a reason for the problem, I’d contact Framework support about it, they’ll have definitive tests to determine what’s going on. But that’s just me. :laughing:

Does the led matrix work in that spot? The spot a centered keyboard connects to. The matrix isn’t lit in that spot in your pictures.

I have a similar problem where the keyboard only works in the center position but the backlight never works. I’m going to contact support about it.
When the laptop is on, is the keyboard supposed to work as soon as you put it in position? Because mine only works (with above limitations) after putting the trackpad in place.

No, if the trackpad not in place, the input modules are not powered. That’s normal. It’s to prevent accidental shorts.

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oh thats interresting. Does that mean the entire surface has to be covered with modules before power is enabled? Because with only the keybaord and the trackpad installed there are still contacts exposed when the side panels are not in place.

Yes. The modules are made to identify the area they cover, so the FWL16 can know if any spots are uncovered.

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Looks like you nailed it @MJ1 - LED does not function on the connector the keyboard uses when its in the center!

I’m speaking now with FW support