FW16 - USB4 v1 or v2

I just read that the new Linux kernel has support for USB 4 version 2 which apparently is 80 gbps.

Does the Framework 16 ship with USB 4 v1 or v2? The specs don’t say just says the USB 4.

The AMD cpus used in the Framework 16 only USB4 40Gbps or USB4 version 1.


The v2 spec only came out a couple months ago and as far as I know there aren’t any devices that use it jet.


Don’t refer to USB4 versions and refer to their bandwidth instead. USB4 versions are for internal technical names only and should not be used for marketing as they only serve to confuse consumers.


I think USB4 v1, and v2 make more sense to the average consumer who isn’t really tech-savvy.

This update […] extends USB4 speed and data protocol performance

As a reminder, USB specification names and technical terminology are not intended for use when describing USB capabilities to end customers.

So if anyone asks “is this usb4v2?”, you can say yes, because the update introduced optional stuff. Every USB4 device is automatically v2.

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The USB naming conventions are one of the biggest screw up in the entire tech industry. The whole version one version two Gen 1 Gen 2 is a complete nightmare from I consumer brand marketing perspective.

They should just have USB one USB 2 USB 3 USB 4 USB 5 USB 6. The double the bandwidth from 10 gigabit per second to 20 just bump the version number up by one.

It’s much easier to understand that way. The thunderbolt folks did it right by having thunderbolt 3 and thunderbolt 4. Easier to understand. And if they had a Gen 1 Gen 2 and then a v1 and v2 but gen 1 v2.

Yeah the USB naming convention is a complete load of crap.

Anyway really dying to get my hands on my framework 16 as fast as humanly possible.


Thunderbolt 4 does not have data transfer bandwidth improvements over Thunderbolt 3.

USB4 v1 introduced USB4 10 Gbps and USB4 20 Gbps. USB4 v2 introduced USB4 80 Gbps and USB4 120 Gbps asymetric and still includes everything in USB4 v1. Saying USB4 v1 or v2 does not really mean anything.

Saying “USB4” means even less. No information at all, really. Might be anything from 10Gbps to 120Gbps. The lack of proper version numbers is just plain annoying :frowning:


That’s why the marketing names are USB4 + data speed + power, such as USB4 40 Gbps 240 W.

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