Getting Windows 10 display driver to work in VM

i’ve the Framework 13/13th gen intel, happy with my new year purchase, but i’m having hard time getting windows 10 to work on VirtualBox (ubuntu) … it does work but when i try installing framework drivers bundle i get an error saying this bundle is for 13th gen only (and i have 13th gen intel) … my problem mainly is with display driver i can’t get it to work properly with VM Window 10 … any solution to this?

I haven’t used virtualbox extensively for a while. I think that you want to install the virtualbox extensions - if that is a thing on linux - it might be specific to windows and mac hosts, but you definitely want to install the guest additions within the windows vm.

Shouldn’t the Windows 10 guest be using the VirtualBox display driver? Unless you’re passing the host’s display hardware through to the VM, the guest isn’t getting access to it. Instead it’s seeing some virtual display hardware.

Have you installed the guest additions to the Win10 guest?