Goodix fingerprint device was not found

I’m trying to reinstall drivers and I am getting this message. I am not sure why it can’t find the fingerprint device. I looked in device manager and I don’t see it listed. Any ideas??


Maybe reseat the fingerprint cable? So do steps 1–6 and steps 10–14 on that page (no need to remove the fasteners holding the fingerprint reader since you won’t actually be replacing it).

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I ended up doing a clean re-installation of Windows. Didn’t even touch the fingerprint cable. Not sure why it wouldn’t detect it before.

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Huh, that’s extremely odd. Ah well, the vagaries of Windows :sweat_smile:

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I’m having this exact same problem. Reseating the fingerprint cable hasn’t helped at all. Looks like I’ll be doing a clean re-install of Windows as well.

Update: A clean re-install of Windows did not work either.

I have had a similar problem. I’m not sure what happened but something caused a short in the fingerprint reader. It got hot to the touch, the power button detached slightly and started smoking. The only change was running the power in through a USB c hub. You may need to replace the sensor entirely.