Google Coral Expansion Card

The feedback we got from Google on this is that it’s useful to get orders in at Mouser, since they’ve been able to fulfill some earlier than the indicated lead time.


To those registering notifications on Mouser: does clicking the “Notify me when product is in stock.” link do anything? I clicked it multiple times and nothing is happening on any of their products.

Looks like it is Firefox related since it works perfectly on Chromium.

@noname Are you running an adblocker?

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Might be my ClearURLs extension that usually gets rid of tracking query parameters. It might have deleted some that were needed for Mouser to work.


Hey !
Just wanted to leave a message here to say I’d be super interested in a Coral Expansion Card.

Hopefully the chips will be available sooner than later…

Hey, this looks like a really interesting project.

I would be interested to see what kind of creative projects people would come up with, as a laptop isn’t your typical machine learning platform. I guess art and research applications? Possibly interfacing with other expansion cards that utilize machine learning?

One thing I saw when researching this is the (usb version) of the coral accelerator is recommended for use with Debian Linux. Not sure if that would apply to your hardware? Fortunately, Debian runs on framework laptops.

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I use a framework laptop with a USB Coral for development on I will be trying to get my hands on something like this as soon as possible.


Amazingly, it seems these are still backordered everywhere. Just about every other chip and module is in a severe excess state, so it’s unclear what the constraint is for these.


Does anyone at all even have them?

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Well, that answers my question.


Supposedly they sometimes come in stock early, so let us know when it ends up shipping.


Got another update, estimated for shipment on the 28th of July, and the status is Ordered from Factory, so might be manufacturing them on demand as a batch. I also was reading the datasheet for the module, and do note that some LDO regulator designs may struggle due to current transient response, apparently reaching 1A in a microsecond in most standard models, and can spike up to 3A, so design with this in mind.
Edit: they have 4075 on order for arrival on the 28th of July, so GO GET A BACKORDER if you are interested in one.


@Josh_Cook Already done it, but thanks.

@Josh_Cook Which seller do you recommend getting one from? I was looking into this myself.


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FYI, I’ve received notifications from Mouser that both the single TPU and double TPU M.2 cards (compatible with the e-key wifi slot) are currently in production. If you were interested in picking up one of these cards, now would be a good time to order.

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Received my Coral M.2 today! Installation in my mainboard server was easy and I’m pleased to report it’s working great in the WiFi slot. :grin:


My mouser order just shipped.


@Evgeni_Genchev have you any plans to improve the connectivity on this? Like USB 3 or PCIe over Thunderbolt? Looks like a really cool project and a perfect application of the expansion cards but USB 2 would probably be quite slow. I have absolutely no idea how complicated it would be to implement anything more advanced though, I’m just interested.

On the page for the M.2 dual TPU module, the following text got my attention:

“Although the M.2 Specification (section 5.1.2) declares E-key sockets provide two instances of PCIe x1, most manufacturers provide only one. To use both Edge TPUs, be sure your socket connects both instances to the host.”

Does anybody know whether the Framework 13 (may be different for AMD/Intel) provides 2x PCIe x1 to the socket?