Custom Framework Module Purchase links

Just thought I’d make a list of all of the different Framework Modules that I’m either manufacturing or selling, I will either edit this post or add a reply with any additions:
EC Debug Expansion Card
UART Expansion Card
Google Coral Expansion Card
Dual USB-C Expansion Card Pre-order USD
Dual USB-C Expansion Card Pre-order EUR
OcuLink 4x and M.2 M Key Expansion Bay Module
Dual M.2 SSD Expansion Bay Module
LTE Expansion Card
OcuLink 8x Expansion Bay Module
USB 16-bit Logic Analyser
Input Module Test Adapter
DB9 Serial Expansion Card
If there are any modules that I haven’t mentioned anywhere, send me a PM and I’ll explain it.


Can we get pictures of what is included with each of the listings? In particular I would like to see what is all included in the ‘OcuLink 8x Expansion Bay Module’.
Is this just the part that sits in the laptop or does it include the PCIE riser and cable?
Is this just electronics that we have to install into an existing expansion bay module, or is it the entire module, fan, and electronics assembly?

If this does not include the riser and OcuLink cable, do you have a recommended riser/cable that you have verified works?


I’d like some pictures of the expansion cards before potentially buying them (just the outside, you don’t need to include any potentially secret electronic designs), mainly to judge how it would look with the case of the laptop. Like are they aluminum or plastic and so on.


Instead of linking to the place to order it, could you link to a post or thread describing what the part in question does?
As others have said, pictures and details of what is included would help too.


My intentions for this topic were purely just to group all of my payment links, if you want to find information on a specific module, look in the topic for that module and ask questions in that topic as well.

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This was handy. Thanks. Preordered dual USB C module and Occulink expansion bay.

Also, if you want to pay in a different currency or use a different payment method, send me a PM and I can set it up like I just added a EUR payment link for the Dual USB-C Expansion Card

i’m actually having trouble finding the topics. in particular i tried to search for the oculink one and ended up failing to find what appeared to connect to this purchasable, similar for the dual m.2 bay module. after two failures it feels exhausting to try to figure out if i can find nay of the others. could you reconsider linking the appropriate discussions?

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My new online store in its VERY basic form is up I still have a long way to go, but if you have experience in websites and would like to provide feedback, let me know. Australian shipping rates are not implemented yet, and only have one product up at the moment, and I’m now going to be selling in strictly only AUD, but via PayPal you can pay with any currency.


Do you think it would be possible to combine your OcuLink 8x and your Dual M.2 SSD PCBs into one with an integrated hardware switch to have either of those two functionalities exclusively, without the need to use two Expansion Bay Shells or switch the PCB installed if using one Expansion Bay Shell?