GPU Module USB and Multiple Monitors

Hey all,

I understand that the USB-C connection on the back of the 7700s GPU module is primarily used for Alt mode connection for a display. Am I right to assume that it should be able to connect more than one monitor using a dock? I tried two different docks and can’t get both monitors to pop up.

Windows 11 Pro
7700S GPU Module
AMD 7940 processor
Built in display
2x Asus 1080p 165hz monitors

  1. Razer thunderbolt 4 dock… Both Asus monitors connected using DP to USB-C DP cables confirmed to be working using this dock on another computer.

Only one monitor is seen by the computer. Restarting will randomly choose one of the monitors to use. Never pops up both monitors

  1. G5 HP dock essential… Monitors connected using DP to DP cables, neither monitor works.

With this said If I plug the USB-C from the docs into expansion slot 4 both monitors work as expected using the APU.

I’d really like to connect these monitors using the 7700S.

Has anyone had success connecting two monitors using a dock along with the built in monitor as a third? Thanks!

An mst hub should work, a full dock may be problematic as it only has displayport and usb2 no usb4 on that port.

To further add to what Adrian said above, the USB C is just for display port out that goes directly to the GPU module for better performance. It’s not a standard USB C port that you can use to connect hubs to. Here’s the post from a member of the Framework team on the topic: MUX Switch? - #10 by nrp

So what I’m gathering is I shouldn’t use a dock but just a connector to connect multiple displays?

Something like this? Would this allow me to extend across the displays. Not looking to mirror.

GoFanco Display Adapter

A USB-C to 2x DP MST hub might be a more appropriate solution for your listed setup.


Got ya. I’ll Try this out.

didn’t even notice the one I linked was not USB C Duh!

Let us know how it goes for you. I tried the three monitor version of this and it would only work if I disconnected all three monitor cables and reconnected them each time I plugged this in. Defeated the purpose of having it so I returned it and bought a different brand.