Guidance on disassembling expansion cards

I found this post with pictures, thank you @ImaxinarDM.


Once the screws are removed, the card appears to slide apart, but I am having a heck of a time getting mine apart. I’m trying not to bend the cover by using it as a lever. Any help appreciated, thanks!

Update - I was able to get the cover off by holding the card in both hands, USB-C connector facing up, label side facing me, pressing firmly with my thumbs and firmly but gently pushing toward the USB-C connector end.



Yes that’s what I had to do as well. They are pretty tight and have tiny fingers that engage to hold the top of the cover down, but once they are opened up the 1st time, it’s easier then on.


@ImaxinarDM - the pictures in your post that I linked above (edit, not about) were key, thank you for providing them! I had a couple of spare thermal pads and wanted to apply them to the storage cards per nrp’s post here:

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Is this the post you’re talking about?

I didn’t see a link to the pictures and I’d like to make sure a link is available for future knowledge seekers.

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I’m a dufus, I thought that I had linked his post. Yes, that’s the one, thank you for linking it.

I’ve updated the post to add the link, and corrected my grammar in the post that you quoted - it should have said the post that I linked above, not about


The steps in this guide also apply to all other cards for disassembly: 1TB Expansion Card Throttling - Framework Guides