USB-C vs USB-A Inner bits

Opened up both USB module types and noted an interesting thing. The type A has metal on both sides of the module. The type C has plastic cover on one side.

Also the A obviously has conductive strips that contact both top and bottom covers. So it is shielded somewhat from interference.

C does not have the conducive strips at all. So I wonder if the placement of the C type has varying effect due to the plastic cover (facing into the unit) and something causing interference.

Thoughts @nrp ?

FYI if anyone else tries to open a module, it feels like it’s glued down, but it’s not. It has tiny fingers on the sides. The cover slides off… Carefully.

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The metal vs plastic top cover is for thickness reasons. The USB-A receptacle is thick enough that the plastic can’t be molded thin enough to fit it.


@nrp Ok makes sense.