[GUIDE] Framework DSP — better Linux audio

I will do so soon. I still have to transfer my GPG keys over to the laptop so I can sign the commit. It’ll be configured via home-manager, so if you don’t use that it might be of limited use.

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It’s here:

Please note that I have some extra machinery in flake.nix that would allow me to replicate this config to other computers and have it recognize when it’s on the FW16 and only turn it on then.

If you wanted to use the ones that use the data files you might want to use Git LFS.

Sweet thanks! This’ll save me some time getting mine setup

Edit: Wow, huge improvement

I’m not super familiar with EasyEffects. Wondering how I should:
A. Prevent this profile from applying to any audio outputs besides the built-in speakers
B. Start EasyEffects upon user login to run in the background, but be able to bring it to foreground to interact with it.

This note from EasyEffects FAQ might be needed:

Question 5 - How to disable EasyEffects config when using headphones?
Answer: One solution for this is to create a preset where all plugins are disabled and create a preset autoloading profile that loads this preset when the headphone is plugged.

Also, it seems like easyeffects --gapplication-service is supposed to run in the background. I’m not sure how that works out when you open the program, if it opens and just points to the running background service.

This is turning into a small info dump as I figure things out. I lean towards using drop-in .xinitrc files to start things upon login versus ~/.config/autostart/*.desktop files. (xinit doesn’t support this for users; I just added the functionality to my .xinitrc). I think I’ll just put easyeffects --gapplication-service & in one and see how it works out.

I don’t understand where this “replace %CFG% with your config file” is supposed to be. I can’t find a reference to this “file” anywhere. I am so confused.


Just do sed -i s:%CFG%:$(realpath ~/.config/easyeffects): <filename> assuming your home directory doesn’t contain :

Just want to share if someone use flatpak version of EasyEffects

Do the command then just copy irs and output folders from

Has anybody else experienced video playback issues with EasyEffects running?

Is it possible for Framework to somehow integrate these improved audio DSP algorithms into the chip, so people don’t have to run EasyEffects etc?

It is — for instance, Ploopy Headphones do DSP processing on their RP2040 chip. I am almost sure it is possible to fit it into much smaller form factor and put into the chassis.

However, it will require a tighter integration than just plugging it into speaker port — for configuration and for power management. So I am not sure how to make a simple and portable mod easily.

(And there’s also an issue with Framework not providing schematics :D)