[Guide] FW13 Ryzen Power Management

I use sway but I could likely create the same effect with other tools. Thanks. I did try switching to power save but it had no noticeable effect on idle power, I assume most of the sauce is around how much it will respond to load.

KDE can also be configured this way, and is also how I use it. I run it on balanced when on power, just so it’s a bit snappier, but apart from YouTube page loading (of all things) I don’t really notice the difference.

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Thanks for the guide, it’s awesome.

Note for bluetooth users : when applying all mentioned patches and fixes on ubuntu 23.10, (and I used powertop auto-tune) my mouse stopped working after few seconds of use, and I had to restart bluetooth service to get it working again (for few seconds). I fixed it in adding "btusb.enable_autosuspend=0" to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT line in /etc/default/grub (see Fixing Bluetooth Mouse Issues in Ubuntu 20.04 | DeviceTests)

Glad to be of help! Yes, the ppd patches continue to advance.

ppd has a command-line tool, see: powerprofilesctl --help

My default profile is balanced. I’ll switch it to power-saver if I expect to be away from mains power all day.

Yes, that’s consistent with my observations.

:beers: Thank you for the including the bluetooth guidance.

Cheers, giving the PPD & pstates a try with ubuntu 24.04.

Has anyone elaborated on e) autosuspend expansion cards, what is required to implement, any caveats if they need to be used again etc.?

I’m going to try ppd, however if I’m not satisfied with the results and going to switch back to tlp do I have to re-configure the tlp settings again?

The DP and HDMI cards already have udev rules that have been upstreamed into systemd that will put then into autosuspend.

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hi. is this still needed on PPD 0.20? on the AUR they’re mentioning it might have been merged already?

Nope, it has been merged!

For those following along, there are some nice improvements to power-profiles-daemon. See [RESPONDED] PPD (power-profiles-daemon) (****AMD ONLY****) - #28 by Mario_Limonciello for details.

Confirmed current power-profiles-daemon version in the repos for Ubuntu 22.04 have the update in place.

@Matt_Hartley or other FW folks, is there a way users can edit their old posts? If not, will you please note for a) and c) in my OP that @Mario_Limonciello’s updates have been merged?

Much appreciated!