[GUIDE] Linux Mint on Laptop 13 with AMD 7040

Do you remember which version of Linux Mint you installed Greg?

And dear all I appreciate you taking the time to post your experiences. I think I will go with the Cinnamon Edge edition on a spare SSD later this week. Will report back too.

I installed Linux Mint Cinnamon (I think originally 21.2, and have since upgraded to 21.3).

Hi all. I got around to installing Mint Cinnamon Edge 21.3 on my 13 AMD 7840 and I absolutely love it. I am so thrilled with what a complete and thorough experience it offers out of the box.

I was slightly dismayed though to find that Unity (the game engine) is unusable as it is so laggy / has an issue with performance. It is odd as I was using it perfectly on Ubuntu 22.04, which is what LM 21.3 is based on right?

Are there any obvious things anyone might recommend to check?

I completed the Ubuntu setup instructions here and also the firmware is on 3.05.

I also checked and in the BIOS I am set to gaming mode.

Any help massively appreciated.

EDIT: the issue was with fractional scaling. Turning this off in Mint led to normal performance again.

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Did anyone try the Mint 22 beta yet on the F13 AMD? I ordered the version with the new display etc. which will hopefully arrive soon. I’m still undecided between using Mint 22 and Fedora 40.