[GUIDE] My procedure for installing Arch Linux XFCE on AMD Framework 13

Hi folks, I want to share with you my procedure for installing Arch Linux on AMD Framework 13.

I hope it’s useful.



Every time I install Arch Linux, I have to mount the EFI partition after installing the base package, and then install the core to successfully get initramfs and cores to appear in the EFI partition for grub to work, and I’m curious why I see that everyone’s installation process isn’t like mine?

Appreciate the share.

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I first tried Arch in October 2022, with my new Desktop back then.
Used systemd-boot for a change, and never looked back to grub^^

Ok, creating your arch.conf the first time can be trial and error, but after doing it 3 times on my other servers (moving from Debian12 to Arch), I’m comfortable by now.


Are you mount EFI partition in /efi or /boot/efi?
Because if boot partition and EFI partition are the same and mounted in /boot you are more or less mandatory to mount them before install system base.

Mine was similar too… after 20 years of Debian I’m happy to switch to Arch.
I thought it was more complicated, basically not much has changed from Debian… Arch is certainly more direct.


Thanks for sharing this! Is there a reason why you didn’t create a swap partition?

There is also a minor issue with creating the home partition. You are using the system flag instead of the home flag.

mkfs.ext4 -L system /dev/mapper/home

should be

mkfs.ext4 -L home /dev/mapper/home

great thanks a lot! I don’t like create a swap partition because I prefer use a swap file… it’s more easy to handle if I need some changes.
thanks again