Haptic trackpads - The Future or Just optional?

I’m hoping that Framework considers an upgrade path to better trackpads. These “diving board” track pads have issues with wear-and-tear. Clicking becomes less consistent and user experience drops. If they could have something like a MacBook or something innovative from another company that would make their device even better to use.

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One of the reasons that some people want physical clicks is palm rejection. If you disable tap to click and use physical clicks instead, then palm clicks aren’t a problem.

Note that haptic touchpads are often also pressure sensitive!

replying to a very old post, but i just came across this thread, and i have to echo another user:

with several kinds of disability in play, tap inputs can be absolutely infuriating to deal with, when you are constantly clicking on things you don’t mean to click on, just trying to move input around.

every now and then i try it again just to check if things have improved… and generally no, they haven’t. and as someone else mentions, palm rejection comes into play … which frequently doesn’t work right in my experience.

i still end up having my mouse swinging around my screen while i’m typing, which is problematic enough without extraneous clicks happening.

every year or two i try fiddling with input schemes other than relying on the mechanical click to see if it’s gotten any better, and on nearly all the devices i’ve had access to, it hasn’t.

the one exception i’ve experienced: the steam deck, and that is a HIGHLY specialized input context. and i still prefer pad click or trigger pulls for mouse button events, the tap or tap/release responses for me are only for the fancy haptic menus.


Yeah, I wish that i could upgrade that part. The market section is not offer any option at the moment.