Are more advanced Touchpad + Keyboard options possible/likely?

The Option to change out the keyboard is certainly nice.
But with the heavy Modularity everywhere in the product i couldn’t help but wonder, how likely is it we will maybe later see top shell with a sensel Trackpad?
Or would that, if ever, only ever appear on a second generation Framework?

Or maybe a Cover where the Cutout for the keyboard is just rectangular for olkb (or other) style keyboards. The demand for non standard keyboard layouts is high enough to spawn some pretty cool options, using discrete off the shelve switches, but would it actually be at all feasible to do this kind of stuff for the framework? (from a cost perspective)


thanks to ajtakrajta for pointing out this cool project, through which i found out about the Kailh X discrete switches. With just a top cover that has a cutout to accommodate many different keyboard designs, framework could be an awesome platform for the custom keyboard community.


That sensel trackpad is amazing. It would be great to see it in as an option in the future, especially tacked on to the existing laptop.


+1 for Sensel Force Haptic Touchpad! Would love to see an option for that!


@nrp Is this something Framework would do? I would absolutely buy a Sensel force haptic touchpad for my laptop.


That keyboard project mentioned above by @germanwtb looks super interesting – I’m looking into seeing if I can get into steno with the opensteno, and even if I can’t get into it myself, it’s super cool imagining a laptop that actually has one of those types of 20% keyboards instead of a normal one. Or even outside of that, a split keyboard like that seems super cool. I’d love to see keyboard mods in the future, or even cool things you can actually buy.


I also would love a sensel trackpad


Imagine w/ Kailh X or Cherry MX UL profile laptop switches & Rotary encoder module. Framework would be a laptop that caters to the keeb & input community.


I would also buy a sensel trackpad for the framework laptop

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Just throwing my support behind a Sensel trackpad! Definetly one of the more underrated feature requests (of the feasible ones) in the forum!