Hardware Compatibility (user submitted)

I made a survey for what hardware you have in your Framework laptop. Enter your hardware config in the form below.

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@Isidoro_Cosentino I like your idea of a poll. I would seriously consider adding some OS choices to your list - the number Arch & Fedora users on these forums dramatically outnumber those of Manjaro & Pop!_OS (no offense intended Manjaro & Pop users).

As an alternative, the Linux choices could be less specific and rather grouped by family - Debian & derivatives (Ubuntu, etc), Arch & derivatives (Manjaro, etc)…

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UserBenchmark has some of that data https://www.userbenchmark.com/System/Framework-Laptop/243704
Obviously more hardware centric

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I’m sure the Arch users would love feeling special enough to have to fill in the “other” column.

I used to use Arch, btw