Has Framework considered increasing their production volumes?

All the Framework Laptops are either out of stock or preorder. Nothing available now. This is the main con listed for Framework in the reviews.



We’re already shipping the Framework Laptop 13 (13th Gen Intel Core) and we’ll likely be “in-stock” after the next Batch. We’ve also taken preorders for the Framework Laptop 13 (Ryzen 7040 Series) which will be shipping in the near future. In addition to that, the Framework Laptop 16 will be available for preorder this summer. Once we sell through our stock of previous generation products, we typically do not produce more as we have to shift production to the new products. We continue to produce Marketplace items as they are cross-generation, and we inventory limited stock for warranty replacement purposes.


You might be interested in this video showing the production process.


How about considering selling cosmetic fails that can pass refurbished visual inspections as refurbished?


How much longer is “near future”

I wish framework would provide more context on timelines, better than a vague 3 month long window :frowning:

Thankfully they dont sell us the moon and break it 3 times in a row.

Really, be careful what you wish for.


How many sold out batches does Framework need before they expand their production?

New, highly anticipated products always have an initial rush of sales. But then sales level off.

If sustained sales over multiple quarters show a need to increase production, I’m sure they will.


I think one of the main purposes of the pre-order model is to gauge interest in order to set initial production levels. So I imagine they do expand production based on the number of pre-orders sold. But there are always going to be limits on the max rate of production based on factory capacity, component supply chains, etc.

For a small company like Framework, it’s important to avoid overproduction as well. It’s a balancing act to ramp production to meet initial demand without overspending and ending up with overproduction once the initial demand falls off.


I can imagine that a good portion of the reason for frequent and small production runs relates to capital constraints. As much as it’s been said in this thread, Framework is a small company and they have a limited amount of money.

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Great answers to a fundamental question, I reckon.

Pity we can’t just print out whatever widget we like from a domestic or at least local 3d fabricator, but we aren’t really there yet are we. Anyone else read the Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson? Weird book but the “matter compiler” tech was quite a dream - especially for something written in the 90s.

I bet FW would love to just print whatever shape from whatever material atomically correct and at speed. You know, them and everyone else…

Nevermind me. Back on topic, if you have $10mil or more burning a hole in your pocket you could always invest. If nothing else you’d get on the short list :wink:

On Framework 16 preorders there are 5 batches schedules for Q4 and 7 batches for Q1. The new batches keep scheduling for Q1, rather than Q2. It appears Framework plans somewhat of a ramp up in Q1.

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