Have submitted support ticket in regards to return an item of my FMW16 order on Fri, 7 June 2024, wondering how long would it take to get response?

The ticket submitted was through the ‘support request’ web form and I have got the auto confirm email. I think that is the official way to raise suppport ticket?

Yes, that’s how you do it.

Support only works weekdays and they have been very busy so I’d guess in the next 3-5days, earlier if they aren’t as busy.


This is our return policy, they should reply to you in a few days. It’s usually faster, but we are working through a backlog, so our responses are a bit delayed.

We have a couple of different tiers for the support team; some of them also work during the weekends. We are located in various parts of the world, so when it’s a “weekday” for some, it can be a “weekend” for others. However, you are right about the second part: the support team is indeed very busy.

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Many thanks for the reply! I will just be waiting.