HDMI controller board for display panel

I noticed they have a board with a receptacle. Has anyone tried it? https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256805297147520.html


Interesting! I just ordered one to try.


Would it be possible to purchase edp cables? I got lucky and bought a spare that someone had for my Thinkpad conversion project, but it would be great to be able to buy some from the site.


Another interesting board - https://t.co/M2WLSmsNEe

That looks promising! Having Type-C as the interface could be very useful.

It works really well!


Great find! Will be really useful for development purposes when I get around to part sourcing and injecting the signals from a digitizer daughterboard directly into a 40-pin.

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Two more boards :smile:

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@nrp that’s great! Which ribbon cable are you using with the module? The AliExpress listing has an option with and without cable HDMI controller board for display panel - #79 by nrp

The optional cable in that listing works.

I think this little board is really promising for potentially repurposing spare display kits as portable monitors! Perhaps in a slimmed down version of the Framework AIO that would be able to slip into a bag or clip on top of a regular desktop monitor?


Can you bend the EDP cable behind the screen 180* and can it run for hours without overheating?

Just received this, unfortunately no spare Framework display to test it with. Seems however it does not include a MUX, and the red power LED only turns on in one cable orientation. Parts look very similar to https://static-community.frame.work/original/2X/6/6f72d13ee0acdb311285509198becbe6938603f9.jpeg without the screen, so seems they simply exchanged socket types without actually making it a proper receptacle device

yeah, sadly. In USB-C, a DisplayPort (or USB3) device with a USB-C socket requires a mux for handling high-speed signal rotation, and a device with a USB-C plug does not. This board has a socket, but no mux - seems like they went from one to the other in a thoughtless way. It looks to me that the board should work for people still, provided you plug the cable in a certain orientation and don’t hope that the other orientation works. Also, hoping that the DisplayPort signals will work alright with an overall longer cable - no idea if they accounted for that!

It works! And as expected, only in one cable-orientation. Also only with one of my Type-C cables, could’ve sworn both were listed as DP compatible…


I found this one on eBay: EDP Controller board kit Type c mini 2 HDMI for NE135FBM-N41 2256X1504 Panel LED | eBay

It looks like a couple of the others that are listed here, just on eBay instead of Ali Express. I got three of them today and tested two of them, and they work wonderfully via usb-c. It works regardless of which usb-c port you plug it into, and powers itself over the same connection, so having a separate power cable is unnecessary.

I haven’t tested the mini-hdmi port, the usb-b port, or the headphone jack yet. Also, the UI defaults to Chinese, though it can be changed to English among other languages.

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone had an update on finding a board that can adapt from the mainboard 40pin to a female DP or HDMI? I’d love to be able to drive a display from that rather than use one of my external ports.

I haven’t seen an off the shelf solution that would work, but there are suppliers like this that should be able to make an assembly: intel System-Validation Methodology for Embedded DisplayPort kabel,eDP cable,custom cable,JAE_FI-D44C eDP cable

We have enough information in the GitHub repo for it.



I am trying to do what Mulverine has expressed interest in: using the mainboard eDP to drive a female HDMI out. Just procured this adapter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BTYRWSBK that has a 40-pin eDP input (it didn´t state the pitch but now that I have received it, I can confirm that it is .5 mm, so if I understood correctly I should be able to plug into it with the Framework-specific eDP cable sold on the marketplace) and turns it into an HDMI out.

I also found this other adapter https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/congatec/conga-MITX-eDP-to-DP-Adapter?qs=sPbYRqrBIVlhNQXU%252B91efw%3D%3D that might work if a DisplayPort out is preferred to HDMI.

I am planning to design a case to host the Framework mainboard, this HDMI-out board, the Wi-Fi card and antennas, the power button (to have a nice power indicator and that would make it possible to also use the fingerprint reader), and this USB hub https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GG6WM5H (to get USB-A for a wireless keyboard/trackpad combo and the occasional USB key, an SD card reader, and a gigabit Ethernet, along with a backup HDMI port in case the main one fails). The second USB-C on the hub side (and made less accessible by the hub) would be dedicated to power input, the other side of the case would be flush with the USB-Cs for compacity (so no adapter card receptacles).
I will have to wait until I get my AMD upgrade mainboard before I start getting serious about printing the case, assembling, and testing everything. If it works I would make the case design available along with the links to the various parts used.

I am wondering about a couple of things though:

  • will I get sound through the HDMI out (is that what the AUXP and AUXN on the pins 6 and 7 of the mainboard eDP are?), do I need to also include the sound daughter board to have any sound out or is this only in charge of providing a jack connector and powering the speakers?

  • is the Framework mainboard eDP (plus Framework-specific eDP cable) outputting eDP 1.2-compliant signal or at least able to go in a backward-compatibility mode that would automatically output such signal?

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I just bought one of these from Ebay for my extra screen; I just upgraded to the matte display and wanted to put my old one to use. I’ll do the CAD for a 3D printed case that fits everything needed once I receive it in a couple weeks.

Super excited!