HDMI Expansion v3 in Marketplace?

Just curious why the jump over v2. I understand the v2 was to be an update that included the “mod” and firmware for power savings. Just curious about what else is different to warrant it being v3.

HDMI (3rd Gen) Expansion Card
The HDMI (3rd Gen) Expansion Card has the same improvements as the BETA HDMI (2nd Gen) Expansion Card with some minor adjustments for improved compatibility with external monitors. If you are currently using a HDMI (1st Gen) Expansion Card with any Framework Laptop, upgrading to the HDMI (3rd Gen) Expansion Card can reduce power consumption, and advanced users with soldering experience can convert a 1st Gen card to a 3rd Gen card by following the steps in this guide to rework the hardware and update the firmware of the card.

If you are currently using a BETA HDMI (2nd Gen) Expansion Card, and you are not experiencing any compatibility issues with your external monitors, there is no benefit in purchasing the HDMI (3rd Gen) Expansion Card as they have the same power savings functionality.


Gen 2 never left beta.

Doh, of course there is a knowledge base article. I should have looked there. Loving that transparency from Framework.

Will it be possible to update the firmware of the 2nd gen card? Or have additional hardware changes been made?
I have some compatibility issues with my 2nd gen card.

The rework guide (requiring advanced soldering) can also convert a 2nd Gen into a 3rd Gen: HDMI Expansion Card power saving rework (Beta) - Framework Guides


Thx @nrp