Help Buying Framework 13


I am thinking about purchasing a Framework 13 and I am reading reviews to understand the specifications.

I have come across two articles which compare the processors available:

(1) Review: Framework Laptop finally gets an AMD Ryzen config—and it’s pretty good | Ars Technica


(2) Framework Laptop 13 (AMD) review: buy this one — if you can - The Verge

I find it odd that the i7-1360P, tested by The Verge (2), outperforms the Ryzen 7 in single-core performance, while in the Ars Technica review, the Ryzen wins against the i7-1370P, which I assumed would be the faster one. (Although Ars Technica does later call the processor i7-1360P, but the core count is of the 1370P)

I’m curious if this difference is just a margin of error, or if the i7-1360P cores are genuinely faster than the i7-1370P ones.

Additionally, The Verge (2) states:

To start using the Framework Laptop 13, you’ll need to agree to the following:

Microsoft software license terms
**Back up to OneDrive**

Is the OneDrive part a special framework thing? (at least in a different ASUS review this is not stated) Did anyone have to do this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The difference is probably more margin of error, the 1370P technically should be faster due to its higher clock speeds. I assume those license terms only apply to the prebuilt models where Windows is preinstalled. Framework is probably just covering legal bases with these.

No, it’s a Microsoft thing. I would imagine rather than agreeing to the license terms you could just disable the OneDrive backups. I never use Microsoft OneDrive.

You may have to accept the license agreement for Windows itself. Not sure. But even if so, it’s still a Microsoft thing, not specific or exclusive to Framework.

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