Help: China customs has confiscated my framework laptop

They are requesting a CCC certificate which I have no idea what it is. The message I received from them is as follows:











         需委托有进出口经营权的公司申报,提供以上资料第(一)点资料外, 还需提供收件公司跟代理公司间的委托代理协议原件。


    深圳市鑫时代贸易有限公司:(海关B级信用企业)  黄先生,15918800671  Email:
    广州斯帕克商贸有限公司,一般信用企业  张先生 020-39422794 /17728030063 邮箱



Based on a Google Translation, looks like some papers are missing and Chinese authorities are recommending you contact a Customs Broker. Hopefully it’s not confiscated. More of not cleared to pass through customs due to missing documents.

A few questions:

Is your destination a supported country?
Are you shipping via a freight forwarder?
Is this an independent shipment?

If you’re shipping to an unsupported country, unfortunately Framework won’t be able to help you out. If the item got held on its way to a supported country, best to contact Framework Support so they can help you out.

If you are shipping via a forwarder, best to contact your forwarder.

If this is an independent shipment via FedEx, best to contact FedEx for support.

In any of the cases, might as well contact Framework support for advice. They may still be able to help out in other ways.

I hope you get this sorted out soon!

Unfortunately this is exactly why we actively discourage freight forwarding. Once it is confiscated due to lack of papers while not meeting import criteria, it’s completely out of our hands. We are not legally allowed to sell or ship our product in China. Please review our Terms of Sale, our Warranty, and view or knowledgebase article on not supporting freight forwarding to unsupported countries/regions located here: Does Framework support freight forwarding of products to unsupported countries/regions?

As we are unable to provide the required documentation given our inability to sell/ship to China, you will need to work with your freight forwarder, but they will likely ask for documentation we are unable to provide.


I have contacted customs via phone and apparently I have to split the laptop and its components and choose only a single module. The rest will be discarded.

** I brought it by hand in a luggage bag and it was inspected. The framework laptop was still in its box at that point and they thought I was gonna sell it. Once they inspected it, they thought that the components looked suspicious and took it away and told me to leave an email address for further contact while they try to verify concerns.

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It’s sad that the trade war has extended to basic consumer products

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it’s disappointing how this happens in the entire place. Which I guess is not so surprising since he made himself president for life.

The message above asks for Framework to provide Import/Export license, or a CCC License. Which I think they will be unable to provide.

And, if none of them is possible, contact the companies (listed below) to see if the laptop can be declared (at the customs), and that none of the companies are related to the … delivery company.

It’s funny that you mentioned that they allow you to pick a part (of the laptop) and discard the rest. I will keep the mainboard, if anything.

Oh right because you brought it in in a box. If you have the laptop out (as a separate unit), and then have the box scanned differently (because it’s paper)? you do not need to declare.
Alternatively I think you can put it as check-in luggage.

I don’t think is does anything but that.

  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Machinery
  • Electronics

By splitting the laptop and it’s components I can’t imagine they meant the insides as @Xavier_Jiang mentioned ??

It makes no sense having to leave some modules other than they want to use them as a design to copy. An over enthusiastic customs officer no doubt, overly cautious for their job dependedncy, or just being awkward.

Well, there is a few way around this.

If you remove the laptop from the box, then you are indicating that “this laptop is for my personal use” and therefore is not a piece of imported goods and not required to report to customs.

I’m not sure what it will be considered as if you bring in laptop parts. (e.g. the display and the display only). It might (be considered as electronics).

Although, in theory, you should not bring anything that is not for personal use – that’s why you are a passenger, not a company. A company will need to file a bunch of paper basically telling the country "ok i want to import these things to china to sell them.
The translation of the site is so bad. But then, this is what happens when you tell government officials to get things done.
(browsing the simplified chinese site)
It look like the webpage is made for government officials for themselves. It list endless and endless things of “oh we announced the modification toward “xyz” regulation at this date”

I don’t know. I have only departed China with potential “electronics” and machinery (I carried some parts for my electronic projects and some tools (soldering iron, etc).
I’m not sure about returning. In theory you won’t have to worry about it either.

so how are you caught?
You brought it in via a luggage bag and it was inspected. Why/how are you required to be shown your luggage?
When I enter the states you just show visas and stuff. Although I have the “privilege” to be pulled aside and have my belongings checked.
So you did get pulled aside and you show them the framework laptop still in the box. thats kinda … bad.
I like to keep packaging of nice things because … well, they are nice things. Although usually I will take the “thing” out of the box and have the box stored/placed elsewhere. Not sure about shipping. Might discard it actually.

I assume your laptop is put on hold (at the customs) when you enter, and they said they will mail it back to you after inspection. However obviously the inspection failed and the laptop is now at the “Customs Clearance Office” of this logistics company.

why can’t they be convinced that it’s for your personal use? Do you have any of your data on it?

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