Hey Guys/Gals

Heyo everyone, I’m really excited to see this thing get off the ground. While we all wait I’m curious to see if anyone else here is a Musician or Video person? Seems like this is a boon for creatives :smiley:


Hi, I’m a student involved in theater, and all sorts of stuff, and need a laptop good enough to run graphics programs and other things, I would love for this to be right laptop for the job! So yah, artsy purposes and running music for theater but in short yah, I’m pretty excited.

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I do video editing and post-production and the like, and it’s really frustrating when laptop manufacturers try to reduce the sRGB coverage to offer cheaper models. I’m willing to pay the premium of Framework for the upgradeability and also the screen they went with- a 100% sRGB screen with over 400 nits of brightness?? Sheesh, I’m sold