High End Chromebook Market

The price and hardware on the FW Chromebook fit the high-end Chromebook market. It seems the FW will have a tough time in this market without a touchscreen on the Chromebook. Usually only the very low-end Chromebooks don’t have a touchscreen.

I’ve always said high-end Chromebooks are a waste of money. You can throw all the power, ram and storage you like at them but you are still hamstrung by the eco-system you are stuck in.

I’ve had high end Chromebooks and none of them were any better usage wise than the little 2012 11" 2GB ARM Samsung I took on holiday with me. Maybe the nicer screen was a bonus. That’s it.

I need another Chromebook for holiday usage soon. But I’ll not spend more than £300 on one.

Some applications for high-end Chromebooks are they can also run Linux programs and a very specialized application is running certain test programs. For normal use, anything that speeds up internet connection is a plus.

So just buy the right tool for the job in the first place? :thinking:

It is easier for kids to run Linux games on a Chromebook than to run ChromeOS on a Linux computer. That application has a good market.

At least one company wants to keep test software for its devices on its servers and run the software on a Chromebook, It can buffer images on the Chromebook. However, that application is rare, one can build a specialized Chromebook with ChromeOS Flex that will do the job well often with a retired old computer.

However, I agree that FW doesn’t seem to have a market for their Chromebook. Is there a market for an upgradable Chromebook when it cost over three times that of a non-upgradable? And the Chromebooks I’ve seen without a touchscreen are less than 1/5th the cost of the FW Chromebook.