Hinge modifications for DIY body kit with increased chassis height

All of these are independent from the Framework laptops themselves and the decisions around them.

But you can’t insert the FW Snack Drawer in any other laptop, do you? So why are you saying it’s independent?

For example if the FW16 had adopted a different format for their expansion cards, the Snack Drawer would have been useless for it.

Precisely the body kit in mind depends entirely on the hinges arm length in my case.

Then couldn’t you provide the modified hinges as a part of your kit?

And then it could be sold anywhere, and still be part of the Framework ecosystem, just like the Snack Drawer is a part of the Framework ecosystem.

It depends if they will release the hinge design as open source and the type of license on it. Otherwise I can’t modify them legally. I intend to keep everything open source so those who want can print any part of the body kit themselves. It’s all about licensing. The bottom case for example will be forked from here:

The GPL license allows commercial use and makes this possible. If someone else with more resources than me decides to produce the body kit instead of me I am okay with that. I don’t do this as a business first but as a consumer with no choice because no one wants to design/produce it. You can see for yourself how big of an interest for a Frankenpad mod there is by browsing the forum.

I’m not sure of that at all. Even if their design is not open source, you probably can modify them and sell (yourself) the modified version. Just check with Framework.

The question has already been asked in this topic.

Yes and you misunderstood the answer, as far as I can tell.

What’s to misunderstand here?

I also don’t have any public information about what the conditions are to get featured in the FW marketplace. Things such as - quality inspection and expectations, commissions and so on. Basically there is no official info about it besides the contact form for the expansion cards.

He did not tell you that you can’t sell hinges based on a modification of theirs. Until he says clearly that you can’t do that, you can’t be sure.

He just told you that you can make alternative hinges (whatever the process). He warned you that developing hinges is costly. That’s all.

Maybe you could drop a message to Support, and you’d get the definitive answer (and maybe report it back here for us to know).

I take it that the advise to create my own hinges translates to - from scratch not a mod of theirs and the fact that the message comes from the founder is official enough to me. This is about licensing not words and they haven’t released the design of the hinge as open source.

This is clearly over-interpretation. You read too much in his message.

What he did not say, he did not say. You should probably ask them once more to have your answer.

No need to be an intermediary of our conversation though.

This is a public conversation though.

Telling me how to interpret something that is not your words is beyond that.

The Marketplace is not open to 3rd parties at this time. Framework would like to open it up and are working towards this but it is not open yet.

As for the part, Nirav (Framework CEO) explicitly said “you can create your own hinge” so feel free to do so using any manufacturing method you choose, with a helpful hint that you may find custom tooling unaffordable. You can sell it anywhere you want at whatever price you want, but you can’t sell it on the Framework Marketplace yet.

This thread is getting a bit contentious so let’s leave it at that - you have your answer from the CEO himself, please go ahead and make the hinge any way you like and sell it anywhere you want at any price you want, just not on the Framework Marketplace at this time. No more arguing about this please or we will have to lock the thread.


Thanks! No arguing at all. I asked explicitly about the Framework marketplace itself and this is the answer I was waiting for.


That a quite narrow interpretation but you do you I guess.

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