Hinge modifications for DIY body kit with increased chassis height

A question to @Framework team. Can we modify the original hinge to accommodate a thicker body kit? My calculations show that the switch from aluminium to plastic-based materials will increase the height of the body to about 25mm. This in turn will require the hinge to have a longer arm.

Since I want to make a body kit that is fully compatible with all parts I can modify the original hinge to extend its arm but is that going to be ok with you? If not how can I approach this?

Has Framework ever told anyone that they can’t create a mod? It seems they have done absolutely everything possible to make every last thing they can open for everyone.
As long as you don’t violate their copyright by writing “Framework” on it, as if it is made by them, or say something like “endorsed by Framework”, I think you should have no problem.

To be clear, just note that I am not part of the Framework team.

I think Frankie here is more asking for a possible way to tighten the hinges as opposed to permission, but great point!

Sadly, I’m not to sure how to tighten the Hinges myself, although one option would just be to double up on them (e.g create 4 places for hinges as opposed to 2)!

To clarify further I want to create a modded version of the hinges with longer arm that fits a custom thicker chassis. I think only Framework can answer that since the design is not open source and I have no idea about the license either. For my single unit it’s not a problem of course but if this experiment goes well and those DIY body kits are commercially produced later it can be an issue.

See this thread for the whole idea:


You can create your own hinge, but the tooling cost for a custom steel hinge is pretty substantial.


I understand so basically I can’t mod the original one. It has to be something from scratch? I was thinking of laser cutting the original one and just extending the arm for the custom body kit.

That seems to be the biggest hurdle when it comes to new body kits since every new material will come with different design and height.

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Might be easier to use available spare hinges for some other laptop. Switching to a different style may help too depending on what exactly you’ll end up doing.

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The idea is to be included in the FW marketplace eventually as a DIY body kit rather than to build a single custom version for myself so it has to be all original FW components and custom bottom, input and display covers only. My question is if a modded hinge can be included in the marketplace as part of the body kit but if FW doesn’t intend to open source it I will have to somehow stick to the original height of the chassis I guess.

@nrp would you consider including a body kit in the marketplace?

If so do you mind sharing the conditions publicly?

To apply for funding for prototype fabrication or to list your Expansion Card on the Framework Marketplace, fill out the form here: https://forms.gle/uaP9kWxwcK5VZNuA8

Does this context apply beyond expansion cards?

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I don’t think @nrp is telling you that you cannot modify an existing hinge.

I’m pretty sure that you’re free to do so if you want (it’ll void the warranty of the hinge of course).

There are plenty of people on this forum modding their expansion cards, soldering on it, etc… so you see, you should not worry.


I am pretty sure I can’t sell it modified on the FW marketplace which means that anyone who buys the DIY body kit has to modify hinges which will render the body kit pretty much useless for most.

I don’t really see how sourcing a modified fw hinge or a replacement hinge for a different laptop would be significantly different.

Please check with Framework directly, as this is not obvious at all that they would refuse.

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The whole point is to stick to FW marketplace only and keep it fully Framework compatible.

So where would the modified fw hinges come from? Someone has to modify them at some point or do you dink they’ll make you custom ones?

I can make them if FW allows me to make them and agrees to sell them on their marketplace. They will be FW only and compatible with the DIY body kit I am in the process of making. Essentially they will be part of the body kit in that case.

You can’t sell them yourself in the meantime?

There’s a lot of marketplaces out there: Amazon, eBay, etc.

I don’t think you get the point. I want to be part of the FW ecosystem only and nothing else. The concept of an ecosystem is that you don’t mix and match brands and producers.

Then I don’t understand. If you sell it on Amazon you won’t be part of the ecosystem? To me it does not make much sense.

For example, in your definition, the SSDs that Framework sells on the marketplace are in the ecosystem while other SSDs are not? Even though other SSDs work perfectly fine in FW laptops.

You just have to put “for Framework 13 laptops” in the title of your product on Amazon, and voilà, your audience is Framework owners (and also this forum will work as a gateway towards your product).

A body kit is very specific to brand and model and not a general component. Take a look at display bezels in the Customization section. They are made for Framework 13 only and will not work as expected with any other laptop. Let alone hinges, and case covers.

And what about the Framework SNACK Drawer, that is only available through 3D printable libraries outside of the Framework website? Do you think it is not specific to the Framework brand?

Or the Framework server rack. Etc…