How can I tell if my Framework 13 AMD has the 80db speakers?

Does the AMD 13 ship with the newer 80db speakers or the “original” ones? Looking at the speakers I can’t tell which model they are.

I’m not happy with the sound quality (at least on Linux) - at higher volume it’s really screechy, so, if they are the 80db ones, I’m thinking of trying to swap them for the “original” ones which I understand are less loud but otherwise sound better. Curious if others would confirm the difference.


What is the code below the QR code? It should start with FRANBXFG… I believe the 80dB version starts FRANBXFGA

There are many guides on how to improve it, try this one for example GitHub - cab404/framework-dsp (remember to install easyeffects and install select the correct audio profile)


I’m not a fan of the one that I linked above, there are many (just search for “EasyEffects”). I made my own by modifying one of the ones that I’ve found here.

Disclaimer: I made this based on somebody else’s work, but I don’t remember whom, I’m sorry. I modified it (or started from scratch based on what I saw in that one, not sure) and played with effects to find a sound of my liking, I’m no audio expert so many things might be horrible to the eyes of someone who has more experience than me.

There’s no reason to think you will get the ‘newer’ speakers unless you did a DIY and ordered them, as the newer ones are louder but less quality.

These stereo 2W speakers let you hear your music, videos, and games loud and clear. The Speaker Kit - Original has more accurate audio fidelity while the Speaker Kit - 80dB is louder.
Framework | Speaker Kit

My code starts with FRANBXFGA, so I guess I have the 80db ones.

The EasyEffect preset makes a big difference, thank you!
Seems to me like the defaults are terrible…


Looks like

We have also integrated our Speaker Kit - 80dB into the Framework Laptop 13 (13th Gen Intel® Core™) for increased loudness. For the Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series) we’re tuning the audio circuitry to achieve both loudness and fidelity with the original Speaker Kit.

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