How do I change my order on the German site?


any idea how I can change my order (I want to add a module) on the German site?

I asked support to add it. Support told me, I can do it my self in the order details, but I don’t see where. Could it be, that the localized version of the page does not have that option?


The text even said to “contact support if you want to change your order”, yet support told me, I can supposedly do it on the website.

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I just told the support what I wanted to be changed and it was no problem. So maybe just ask them for specific changes instead of where to change it.

Thanks for the answer, but that was exactly what I did at first.




That must’ve been some kind of mistake or misunderstanding. I just double-checked myself and you definitely have to go the support route to modify your order, unless you cancel it and make a new one, in which case you probably receive it later.

Yes, there must have been some misunderstanding by support somewhere.

I had to email support to add an expansion card to my order, and they added it as a second product on the order:

There definitely isn’t any way to change your own order unless you just want to cancel it :thinking:

Yeah, to be fair, it has been sorted out by now and support was very effective and painless this time. The result was the same as with @andyk2. Thanks for your experiences, people!