How do I set a specific VRAM amount on 13" AMD Laptop

I am wanting to know if it is possible to set a specific VRAM amount for the AMD 13" laptop.

I know you can go to the BIOS and change the iGPU config option from UMA_automatic to UMA_game_optimized but that only gives me 2GB of VRAM. I’d like 4GB at a minimum. On other AMD laptops there is a third option under this iGPU config that isn’t listed here called UMA_specified which lets you choose how much exactly.

Maybe this just isn’t in the BIOS yet (as of 3.03).
I have a 7640U and 16GB of RAM. Maybe the CPU type or RAM amount effects this?

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I believe the amount of RAM reserved is based on how much RAM you have installed as I have 4 GB reserved with 32 GB of RAM.

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I have set mine to UMA_game_optimized as well and got 4GB VRAM out of 64GB RAM. Default was merely 512MB.
I’d also like more control and especially more transparency what each option really means.


win11, uma_auto, 2x16BG ram,

I’ll restart and edit with game_optimized results.

4GB with 32BG of ram.

I guess it just sets is based on the RAM amount if you used UMA_game_optimized. Hopefully in a new BIOS update they will make it to where you can set it manually.

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The system uses unified memory, which means that the ram is dynamically allocated between the CPU and iGPU depending on where it’s needed.

Some programs will see very little VRAM and throw an error about not having enough VRAM (because the program doesn’t understand that more VRAM will be dynamically allocated when it’s needed). The BIOS setting UMA_GAME_OPTIMIZED (which is poorly named BTW) is to dedicate some VRAM so that those programs see a couple GB of VRAM and don’t throw an error.


Maybe up to 4GB? Considering a few people have 4GB@32GB, and one has 4GB@64GB.

The static allocation is fixed, what is based on the available memory is how much it can dynamically allocate. It defaults to half the ram on windows and linux.

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I have the FW 13 7840u with FW supplied nvme 1TB SN850x and 64GB DDR5.

I am using the Framework drivers suite located here: Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series)

Bios is 3.03 and recently upgraded to 3.03b as recommended by support to fix stability issues.

Using AMD Vendor supplied drivers is a no-no for this laptop.

My issue is even with Game Mode activated in the BIOS I can’t get this thing to show more than 512mb vRAM in the AMD software.

I’ve uninstalled /reinstalled the Drivers
Used a utility from ChrisTitusTech Windows script to download and install DDU, booted into safe mode, nuked the AMD Graphics drivers and reinstalled.
Changed the Game Mode in BIOS to Auto and rebooted into Windows
Changed back to Game Mode in BIOS and rebooted into Windows
Reset to BIOS Defaults and booted back into Windows
And repeated the steps chaning the PCIE fallback to Gen3 when on Battery.

When reinstalling FW AMD Graphics drivers the last time I also selected the Factory Reset Option, opting to NOT save user data.

What is going wrong here? It was shoing 4GB of VRAM at one point, now it doesn’t and I can’t find how to toggle it back

Anyone from the forum moderators around that can help me post this in the right spot if this isn’t an ideal place to ask this particular question?