How do you control framework's fan speed on Windows with CrosEC

I read that @DHowett made a tool on windows that can send commands to the framework’s EC.
Is there a guide on how to control the fan speed with this tool on Windows?

p.s. Please do not tell me why I shouldn’t change my fan speed I simply want to change it.


I’m copying my reply from GitHub here to increase the likelihood that folks see it!

Right now there’s no easy way to do this.

With the test tool from this distribution, FauxECTool, you can sort of accomplish it with raw commands (as fauxectool doesn’t support symbolic commands :smile:)

Set fan 0 duty% to 0x00000064, or 100%

fauxectool 0x24 d64


Note: there is no way to specify the percentage in decimal

Set fan 0 RPM target to 4000 (0x00000FA0) directly

fauxectool 0x21 dFA0


Note: there is no way to specify the RPM in decimal

Note: the fans on this board operate up to 6800 RPM

Restore fan 0x00 to automatic thermal control

fauxectool 0x52 b0


I’ve been testing a build of ectool (the Linux version) that works on Windows, which should make this much easier. It is not yet ready for release.


Thank you so much!

Is this supposed to work on 12th gen?
I can’t get the FauxECTool to output anything.

Also the install command doesn’t yield any output:

.\Installer.exe install
(-> no output)
(-> no output)
.\Installer.exe uninstall
[+] Removing ROOT\SYSTEM\0001... OK
[+] Removed 1 device.
[+] Removing CrosEC.inf... FAILED (80070490)

Admittedly, I’ve never tried! I only have 11th gen hardware to work on CrosEC on :slight_smile:

When you run Installer, you should get a popup asking if you’d like to install the driver telling you that it was signed by me. Are you definitely in test mode with secure boot turned off?

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No pop up unfortunately.

bcdedit /set {default} testsigning on

returns ‘completed successfully’.

After toggling test signing, you’ll need to reboot to propagate that setting to the kernel. You’ll know you’re in the right mode when there’s a watermark at the bottom right of your desktop that indicates you’re in Test Mode.

Sorry, I realize now I didn’t explain that in the release notes!

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Thanks. Can confirm that it works on 12th gen now. :wink:

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