How does SSD upgrading work?

I apologize if this is a stupid question.

Iv been window-shopping on the framework website for a few months now and am getting ready to place a preorder for the 13, how does upgrading storage work?

I would not call myself an enthusiast, just someone who is tired of failing laptops that I can’t fix without a degree in electrical engineering. If I bought a 500gb SSD when configuring, how easy (or difficult) would it be to upgrade my storage? How do you safely transfer the data, would I need to install Windows all over again?

Sorry again for what is most certainly a dumb question.

It’s a bit of a project, but not too bad. Mostly takes a long time to copy all the data, depending on drive size. I’ve done this upgrade with a USB nvme enclosure and free software (I think I ended up using the free version of Macrium Reflect)

The steps are basically:

  1. Put new SSD in the USB enclosure
  2. Connect USB to laptop
  3. Use software to copy the entire contents (every partition and data from each) from the internal SSD to the USB SSD. There should be a setting to expand one of the partitions to fit the new space.
  4. Swap SSDs between USB and internal
  5. (Optional) format old ssd and repurpose, after verifying the new ssd is working in the laptop

Alternately, you could install windows on the new drive after installing it, and use a usb enclosure to copy data off your old drive. This works great for files, not so much for applications, which need reinstalled/set up. I don’t do this because I have too many things that are extremely annoying to install and activate