How does the cover feel?

I am considering buying a Framework 16 laptop. Something that bothers me a lot about my current work laptop compared to my current personal laptop is the cover material: On the work laptop, it feels like steel, very cold on the palms and with sharp corners. My personal laptop feels more like hard plastic and much more comfortable.
I see aluminium, magnesium and plastic in the specs, but that does not really tell me how it feels, especially because I am struggling to figure out what the current laptops are made of (bad is Dell Latitude, good is XMG Schenker).
Also, does the outside heat up much with the inside? I heard good things about liquid metal cooling, so I would assume no. I hope this also prevents the issue that my current personal laptop has, which reaches >90℃ when barely anything is happening (no, not dust).

I just got mine earlier today. I have both a thinkpad and a Dell Precision. The FW 16 reminds me more of the Dell than the thinkpad, so if that’s a con to you then you may not like the finish. I also noticed the bottom got rather warm compared to my thinkpad, so it doesn’t necessarily feel cool to the touch either. Take that for what you will.

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