How does the european shipping work?

Hey everyone!
I’m planning to buy a FW, but I need to get some extra Info on how the logistics are set up, because it might be possible to detract taxes. Are the laptops shipped directly from the US or is there a warehouse in europe, from where the packages are dispatched?
In my case I would set the delivery address to my workplace, which is a United Nations Agency, and therefore be still on International soil. Therefore if it is shipped directly from the US, I would not have to pay the taxes. If there is a middleman or a warehous in europe the taxes would be added regardless of where they ship it.
I hope my inquiry is clear and fits this thread. Maybe customer support is more appropriate?

Laptops are shipped from Taiwan.

The address you have it delivered to is the one where the taxes are paid.

If you consider the soil international you cannot buy as it isn’t a supported country.

You can not have the laptop delivered to an address with the idea of a voiding taxes where your main address is different.

Warranty only applied to the supported address and country.

Or something like that, as you noted contact support officially

NEW Laptops (12th gen and Chromebooks) are shipped from Taiwan. The refurbished 11th gen laptops on the US store are shipped from the US, but I do not know the exact logistics of how that would work shipping from the US store to international soil on another continent, so if you are trying to go that route you should indeed contact support as they would be able to better answer your question.