How Good is the framework for gaming and how reliable is it?

Thunderbolt 4 is usb4 with all the optionals mandatory and an intel stamp of aproval. The 2 usb4 interfaces in the ryzen soc have the optionals implemented so egpu should not be a problem.

Though the ryzen board will only have 2 usb4 ports (with a dedicated 40gbit uplink to the cpu each) while the intel board has 4 usb4 ports (with each side sharing one 40gbit uplink) so you do need to be more mindfull of what you plug into what port with the ryzen. You do get a much better platform though so that’s a fair trade imo even if I dislike it…

So what about the other 2 ports without the 40gb to the cpu? Any information about their output

Check out the interface section here.

Top left and right are full featured usb4, usb 3.2 with dp on the bottom left and just usb 3.2 on the bottom right. Given the limitations that is weirdly exactly the layout I’d have chosen so I’m pretty happy about that.

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Intresting, wonder if they will upgrade the 3.2 ports in the future

Do you think that the 16 inch egpu could be used with the 13 inch

Which eGPU? From the expansion bay? No.

Not without the proposed adapter that makes it a standard USB4 eGPU

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Should I get the Ryzen 5 or the Ryzen 7 for gaming on aaa games and less demanding games such as vanilla Minecraft and roblox

How would they do that? The soc on the ryzen just provides 2 ports, adding more would be expensive and inefficient.

The 7 gets a better igpu and 2 more cores, it is worth the premium to me but you have to make that judgement yourself. Definitely get more bang for your buck that going from the i5 to the i7 on the 13th gen XD. How well the new ones will perform is still unknown but have a look at the 660M and 680M from the current gen ryzens, the relative difference between the 2 tiers is likely to stay somewhat the same.

If they actually end up making the egpu dock that takes expansion bay modules that would likely work with the 13, asuming the use tb or usb4. If you meant if you can use the dgpu module from the 16 in the 13 definitely no.

I thought there were 4 ports on the outside though?

By ports in this case I meant usb4 ports, 3.2 ports it has a few more and that is used for the rest of the external ports. It also has a bunch of usb2 ports that are used internally.

I’ve tried some games on my Framwork 12th Gen i7-1260p. Minecraft works pretty well actually, but I didn’t run it on highest settings and shaders etc. are not really possible. Also anything that requires 3D rendering will suck. Tried FFXIV and it was absolutely unplayable. I then connected a 2070 super as eGPU and it was almost as good as my desktop PC (3-4 years old setup). But fan noise might annoy you as it has to ramp up quite a lot. (Not a whiny noise at least :+1:)
Overall, if you mainly look for gaming, the Framework 13 is not the best choice. Maybe the Framework 16 with a dedicated GPU will be a good choice but we don’t know yet.

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