How Good is the framework for gaming and how reliable is it?

How long does the framework last with daily use, are the parts prone to break?
Is the framework good for gaming?
I’m planning to play games such as cities skylines, Minecraft,, Roblox, asseto corsa.
Which cpu and specs should I get for the laptop for under 1500

Are we talking about gaming with the internal GPU of the CPU or with an external one?

If you are planning to do any real gaming (high fps+resolution) and graphical demanding titles you better get an eGPU.

You list Minecraft but that alone means nothing. On lowest settings and bad resolution a 10 year old laptop can play it, but on highest settings and shaders on 165Hz with a lot of addons that will probably bring down even high end GPUs.

The Cities Skylines one suggests that your internal GPU would be too slow:

So as said above, most probably you need an external GPU for this laptop if you want to do any “real” gaming on it.

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I mean with the internal gpu and what I mean by Minecraft is 1.8.9 or higher versions with fancy graphics

@Breenseaturtle Then this laptop is garbage for what you want. The 16in model might be better but we can’t say for sure until full specs are released.

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Oh I see, so would getting Egpu improve the preformance of the framework for gaming, and should I get amd or intel for the cpu

@Breenseaturtle It does improve performance considerably but it isn’t a good value. I suggest you do some googling to see if you are up for it. eGPU’s have their own set of headaches and you really have to want this particular setup for it to make sense.

@Breenseaturtle You should be able to run the Minecraft 1.8 with the integrated GPU - I run Minecraft (Java edition) 1.19 on my 1135G7 core i5 Framework w/ fancy graphics, threaded chunk builder, smooth lighting on, vsync on, render distance 12, simulation distance 12, particle and smooth shadows on (these were all set on by default), and it works all right. I don’t use mods or add-ons or anything though - just stock 1.19. I haven’t tried it on this machine, but past experience with Bedrock edition was that it runs even faster than Java edition.

I haven’t tried any of the other games you’ve mentioned so I don’t know about those but I occasionally play FF XIV Online on my Framework and it does all right as long as I keep the settings reasonable.

FW laptop 13” will be perfect for your use case when plugged in. Newer versions of vanilla Minecraft will get ~80fps even on Fancy; as you add more mods that number drops until CPU becomes your bottleneck, then as RAM becomes your bottleneck. Roblox will run on anything. I’m not sure about, but userbenchmark says the laptop meets minimum for asseto corsa. If you plan on playing any high spec games in the future though, wait for the 16 or get an eGPU.

I budgeted the DIY edition and sourced components elsewhere to around $1100 for the laptop, plus $900 for an eGPU setup (eGPU will be much cheaper nowadays because I bought during the pandemic). i5 11th gen, 16gb ram, 2tb ssd. Games like the ones you play run fine without an eGPU, but with my eGPU I can run most modern titles just fine (Apex Legends is about the top end, Elden Ring doesn’t run well for example). You could probably get a used older gen GPU and still keep the whole project under $1500 but you’d need to be patient and look for a while.

Oh I see, would a framework laptop be better for gaming then a acer nitro 5 with a intel i5 7300hq and 1050 nvidia graphics

The amd version should outperform it in both cpu and gpu performance pretty handily (since the current gen 6800u already does) but it definitely isn’t the best gaming bang for your buck, if you just want to game get a cheap gaming notebook instead. If you want to game a bit and also have a neat modular and repairable portable machine however the framework might be for you.

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How reliable is the frameork laptop, are the parts easy to break

Not without an eGPU. Even the lowest spec CPU is better than a 7300hq, but even an old mobile 1050 is significantly better than the Iris Xe that comes on the laptop. If you want something that’s basically just a direct performance upgrade to the Acer Nitro 5 with everything else the same, wait for the Gamework/Framework 16. The framework 13 is a slightly different use case.

Very reliable. I’ve been carrying it around daily for over a year and I’ve had no issues. There are a few rare little issues that may pop up within warranty (hinges; melted chip on the board, CPU stuck at 0.39GHz, others that you can find in this forum), but the only real durability issue that can’t be solved by an awareness and quick RMA trigger finger would be the corners (if you drop it, the corners will bend).

The main benefit of a repairable laptop, however, is that when something does break you can order the part and fix it yourself for cheap instead of needing to buy a new laptop when something quits!

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Would you recommend any cheaper egpu for the framework? Do you u think the Ryzen 5 would have a better igpu

ryzen will have a vastly better igpu than anything intel produces.

Going to drop a link to this thread: Gamework (community benchmarks)

For an idea of what the 11th gen intel was capable of.

Thanks for the suggestion, but most of the games I plan to play aren’t on there

Does anyone have any idea about how powerful the Ryzrn 5 is comared to the intel equivalent

If you look at the current gen 6600u, it is about equal to a little better in cpu performance and a lot better in igpu performance compared to the 13th gen i5 in the framework (according to notebookcheck). It however does so using a lot less power. Given we get a new process node, new core generation and new igpu generation with the 7040 series you can extrapolate it being quite a bit better.

tbh I’d already be happy if the r7 performs as well as a 6800u, however it’ll likely do a lot better.

But isn’t the Ryan mainbord only rated for usb 4.0. Would that be a issue when using egpu?