How long does it take for support?

My battery has swollen up, my Framework 13 13th gen is less than a year old. I sent a request to support with pictures as proof yesterday, I have not heard back, I sent another request today with pictures. I need a warranty replacement.

How long is appropriate? I was able to remove the battery so I am not afraid of a fire anymore, but my laptop is not a laptop as it can’t leave an outlet.



Hi and welcome.

There is no set time.
Holidays, weekends etc.

So you sent an email yesterday? Which time zone are you in. Sending late from the EU or Taiwan to the US may catch people asleep.

Be careful about sending replica requests. a) it slows things done by weight and b) confuses the issue it then has to be checked to see if it is the same one.

No doubt some checks are automated simple AI but then if there are duplicates it may have to go in a manual clue.

Search this forum and you will see that also some people have email issues, i) they miss incoming as spam etc. ii) they use a weird outgoing which doesn’t get to Framework - please search the forum as this is asked many times


I sent it yesterday from US Central time, around noon. I sent the second one today around noon, it is now approaching 4pm. I received an automated reply for each but no indication that a human has seen either.

@amoun do you work for FrameWork? Do you know what is going on with their lack of response? I am not on a weird time zone, I am contacting them in the middle of the work day, and email is the only path they provide for support, so responsiveness is key.

No I don’t work for Framework, and yes as you are in the US time shouldn’t be an issue.

Also as you have had replies then the email is working OK

So the last issue is ‘system overload’ so better not send another support request.

Take care. If it is important to use away from your desk or a fixed outlet you could temporarily use a power bank. You only need a small one of some 55Wh maybe.

A few dollars etc. extra while you wait, but probably worth it, you may finf it usefull some other time.

Also even when you get a reply it will probably ask questions as they will want to consider why the battery is as is ~ how was it used ~ what charger do you have etc. etc. so it could take a while before they see it as a valid warrantee, hence the power bank backup maybe even more useful

I will be happy not to send another request when one of them gets some attention.

You should not make excuses for the company. I bought an expensive laptop with a warranty and a promise of support.

I love the idea of this company, but they need to live up to it.

I’m not making excuses just saying what I think may be happening. That’s all other users can really do. As I said you can read other peoples similar queies.

Have you searched yet?

Of course I have searched. I have seen people who missed emails, etc. That is not my case.

My case was splitting open.

the battery is significantly swollen, it is less than a year old, I used USB power. This is a pretty straight forward warranty situation:

I am trying to flag someone, anyone, at Framework to handle what should be a 5 minute issue.

Hi David,

Sorry to see what happened to your computer. Our support team usually replies within one business day, though sometimes it takes a bit longer. Sending multiple tickets or replies does not expedite the process. The support team should reply soon, and we appreciate your patience.

@Amoun, I appreciate the help, but not everyone is experienced in navigating the forums. It looks like David has just joined our community and is concerned about a swollen battery. I understand expecting more tenured members to use the search functions more effectively, but we can be more forgiving to new folks. If I were a customer with an issue and this was the first reply I received from the community forums, I would be very upset. Please be more understanding towards the new folks. Thanks for your help as always.


It’s serious issue having a swollen battery and it has happened to others

I didn’t need to search the forums to know that a Lithium ion battery swollen like that is a fire hazard and I shouldn’t use it.

I saw that message, I read all the way through it. The way that issue got cleared up is that the guy had to go onto the forums here and make some noise, because:

There was an agent miss in communication as we could have provided better messaging which I’m going address as @AnonymousBovine absolutely provided images in their first conversation

Incidentally, it is the same way I have gotten a response, they have contacted me and agree that that bloated battery is bloated, and my warranty is valid.

It is discouraging that this was what is necessary to get a human response. I hope Framework will do better.

This was not necessary to get a response from the support.

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