How long takes the delivery of parts to Texas currently?

Hi all,
so I’m very happy with my Framework I bought last year, however the hinges… well, I’d like to replace them.

I have to travel around a lot currently and I wonder how long the delivery takes if I order a new set of hinges and some expansion cards to my current address in Texas?
I’m only there until the start of September. Is that enough time or should I wait until after I moved? (The shopping cart doesn’t tell me an estimated delivery time, so I’m hesitating)

I think you’ll be fine. I ordered expansion cards on Wednesday and they shipped on Thursday from New Jersey, with an estimated delivery date of next Tuesday to California (USPS Ground).

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Follow Up:
So, I ordered the parts on Saturday, they were shipped on Monday, and arrived at Thursday. So less than a week :+1:

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