How long will the framework support response?

So I get by fw 16, and I enjoy it, then I submit a support request about the invoice with taiwan business id for company subsidy on 4/27, and another one on 5/20, so far the auto response is all I get.
How long will the support response time usually be?

Support replies should be within 1 business day under normal circumstances. Are you using a standard email provider? This is because we’ve had numerous instances of people using custom email providers and having issues receiving responses from support.

It’s just plain old gmail.

Have you checked your spam/junk folders? There have been a few times that support emails have been unintentionally caught by filters.

I did check those, no luck with that.

Worth a try. Hopefully someone from the support team sees this post and can check on your situation after the holiday!

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They usually respond within a few days to invoice requests, it should take a lot less than this. I’ve escalated this internally, you should receive a response soon.

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