How many laptop in each batch and generation 2 will apear in march 2022?

what new feature will be added in gen 2.

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There is no gen 2. There will be revisions for the next two or so years and then maybe a gen 2 could come out.

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I think when OP says ‘gen2’ he is trying to express what we’d call a new revision, Josh.
To answer OP’s question to the best of my limited ability - some small easy changes have already been made starting in batch 3, such as the taping down of the keyboard ribbon cable. That would count as a revision, and maybe that’s what you’re asking sad_asd.

In general, I think an explanation of terminology might be helpful for those unfamiliar with the product lifecycle management process. Any given product, be it consumer products or industrial products, will go through many changes through its lifecycle. Whether that change is big or small depends on a lot of things. When new versions of a product is released though, broadly speaking it usually is either a new Revision, a new Generation, or a new product altogether. This is my brief and oversimplified explanation of those three:

New Revision: Form, fit, and function of the product remain basically the same on a high level. Minor changes to tweak performance, fix bugs, clean up the design are typical of a new revision.

New Generation: Form, fit, function might have been each changed/upgraded in some dramatic way, but typically not enough that it’s a wholly different product segment. For example, a new generation of a car could be marketed towards the same category, but the chassis, engine, transmission, could each individually have massive changes. There may still be parts compatibility between generations, but it’s not guaranteed.

New Product: Pretty self-explanatory, the new product is so different from original that it warrants being something totally different. For example, Galaxy Note series was targeted at a different market than the original Galaxy S series. The lines between a new generation and a wholly new product can be blurry, take the gradual fusion of the Note and S series as an example. However, for an individual snapshot in time, the distinction becomes clearer. The best way I can give to tell a product generation apart from a new product is whether they’re being manufactured simultaneously or not. If manufacturing of the old stops, it’s a new generation. If manufacturing of the old continues for a while, it’s probably a brand-new product for a new market.