How much performance loss for Single Channel RAM

Hi guys,

I was wondering, how bad is the performance loss overall by running 1 stick of RAM (single channel) on the 12th Gen Framework?

I know the Iris Xe graphics downgrades to Intel UHD (I am wondering how much loss in iGPU too).

Any one have their experiences to share?

I can’t give you a figure for the 12th gen Framework, but Linus Tech Tips has done videos on this before testing the difference, and it can amount to 10-15% depending on how memory-intensive the task at hand is.

Hmm, seems kinda okayish, I saw a video showing it was like 27% overall loss. Thanks.

You might be interested in these benchmarks. While it’s AMD (threadripper) and linux, there is quite a bit of benchmarks, so you will probably able to determine if it will impact your use case significantly.

The big question is rather…why would you just put the one stick in? DDR4 SODIMMS have crashed in price recently.

A 2x16GB kit of Fury 3200MHz CL20 has dropped from £130 a few months ago to £70 on Amazon. The 2x8GB set is £58 and I paid £90 for that a year ago.

Just wondering. I am trying to get one of the Alder Lake N series mainboards with soldered LPDDR5, probably the i3-N305 or maybe the N200. Maybe seeing how small those mainboards are, probably see if I can fit it within the chassis for a very low power system. Those only have single channel memory, so I wanted to gauge how bad would it be before attempting it.

I did consider getting a RK3588 baseboard and find a hacky way to do it but the price/performance was kinda bad.