How powerful is the 13th gen intel?

Hey so I’m planning to upgrade from an i5 11th gen to the current i7 13th gen, how significant is the performance bump? Mainly compile-time wise and responsiveness. Also I’m not going to opt for AMD for now as my 64 Gb kit will be useless, and I don’t do heavy stuff that would need a better gpu, and lastly I don’t want to wait lol.

There’s a BIG performance increase from 11th gen to 12th gen - you add 8 efficiency cores and go from a 4C/8T CPU to an 8C/16T CPU. Granted those aren’t full power cores and they don’t have Hyper-Threading, but still, they do add a lot. 13th gen has all that and is about 15-20% faster and more efficient as well.

I can’t give you exact numbers because I probably don’t run what you do, I probably don’t even have the same OS. 11th gen to 12th gen was worth it for me, it was a big step change. 12th gen to 13th gen isn’t really worth it for me. AMD is interesting but the big gains are mostly in the iGPU, and I don’t game.

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