How to check if Touchpad Precision Driver is installed?

Hi All, I just got Framework 13 AMD Ryzen 7040 and everything seems quite good. I still have a problem with touchpad horizontal scrolling on some applications such as libreoffice (it scroll too fast and several columns at a time).
The touchpad setting doesn’t seems to have an option to tune horizontal scrolling. Mouse setting shows only a vertical scrolling control and not horizontal; also going to the mouse properties windows the tab for tuning it doesn’t show up.
Going to the device manager i don’t see a specific touchpad device. I see olny:

  • HID-compliant touchpad (under HID): that shows a Microsoft Driver dated 21/06/206
  • HID-compliant mouse (under Mice and other point device): with the same Microsoft driver as above.

Device Manager doesn’t show any warning and also the option to show hidden device doesn’t solve the issue.
Going to the BIOS (3.0.3) I don’t see any option for the touchpad or mouse
Of course i have already installed the Driver Bundle (7 drivers installed but Touchpad specific driver is missing)
So, I wanted to install a better driver. I red some post confirming Frameowork do have a Precision Touchpad and support Precision drivers but I don’t even see the device and don’t know which driver to install and on what device.
Any experience like this ? Any suggestions ?
Thanks for your support

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Hello guys,
just to clarify the situation a bit, I’m sharing some screenshots of what I see in setting options:

  • the device manager
  • mouse setting options and driver properties
  • touchpad setting options and driver properties
  • and bios options

As you can see there is no message in the touch pad options declaring “your touchpad is using windows precision drivers” as often suggested to check in various posts online.

Having seen here some people in the in the forum suggesting to “disable touchpad ps2 emulation in bios” I tried to check the bios options but couldn’t find anything related to the touchpad.

Can you please help me understand what am I missing?
Do you have any ideas on what should I do to install the proper Precision Drivers?

Cheers and thank you all in advance :slight_smile:

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