How to configure the Macro Module without Programming

QMK looks very worthwhile, especially if i can find instructions on how to set it up without programming. What is the Framework version of QMK called and where can I find a tutorial or other docs.?

I have made my deposit for 1 Overkill and hope to see a machine soon, as my Dell laptop seems to be slowly dying.

How to configure the Macro Module without Programming

When you have your FW16, just go to using a Chrome-based browser. It will ask permission to connect to usb devices, then you’ll get a GUI that allows configuring basic functions.

It seems they will be shipping with the Via QMK fork. It’s not Framework “version” so much as it’s just configuration files used to build QMK for the hardware. All QMK, or Via/QMK keyboards work the same.

General how-tos and information for the FW16 is here Framework | Using your Framework Laptop 16. Not sure if they plan a tutorial for the keyboard GUI. Basic functions are pretty much point-and-click. The code is on their github if you’re getting into advanced things with QMK that requires that.

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Got it, thanks!