How to install custom processor?

How do I put a chip into the motherboard of the laptop? I am planning to order one with a custom cpu but how do I install it?does framework give thermal paste?

Hi, so I don’t think at the moment that is possible. See this blog post:

We architected the mainboard to maximize adaptability to future generations of x86 and ARM (and we hope eventually RISC-V!) CPUs. We also carefully selected and minimized the number of internal connectors to simplify installation and keep the system thin.

So right now the board has a CPU soldered on. Here’s an old new article as a potential source: How Framework plans to break the curse of upgradeable laptops

If you get a chance, watch a breakdown of the computer. I recommend just looking at framework pages: Framework | Mainboard

I hope this answered your question!

It should come pre-installed, all ultrabooks have soldered-on CPUs

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When you choose your CPU in the order process, you’re choosing the mainboard with a CPU already installed, so be sure to pick the CPU you need, because the only upgrade path later on is a new mainboard. You can’t just buy a CPU to install later.

The last mainstream laptop that had a socketed CPU (that I know of) was the Lenovo T440p, which even with a custom i7 upgrade is about half the speed of the i7-1165G7 option available in the Framework.


There simply isn’t a laptop CPU nowadays that has a pinned socket - they are all Ball Grid Array (I.e. soldered to the board), so the CPU itself is not considered to be a user replaceable part.

That said Framework is pretty unique in considering the mainboard to be a user replaceable part, enabling CPU upgrades later at the minimum possible cost.

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You cannot simply order a new cpu to drop into the framework. Even if you unsoldered the current cpu, you wouldn’t be able to get the new one to work, and would have just ruined your computer.

This is not a framework issue, as this is out of their control.

Open a dell, Alienware, hp, apple, Lenovo, etc….and they will all have soldered cpus.

then when will framework release a core i9 CPU? I’m trying to get a gaming computer that is lightweight/easy to bring on the go like apple macbook and repairable like framework but has a stronk CPU like PC’s

Having an i9 is like poking holes in your car fuel tank to save weight. If you want a lightweight gaming PC then wait for the Ryzen APUs like the rest of us.

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You will want one with a discrete graphics card, not an i9 necessarily

leptop?light weight gaming laptop?

I saw dantdm using a i9 :smiley: I was copying him since he’s such a gamer